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Our team: Guillaume

Hello everyone. I’m Guillaume Defare, the director and writer of The World After. My background I’ve always Passionate about cinema since always, I have directed more than ten short films including La Loi de Morphy a Sci-Fi short movie telling the adventures of a robot having an existential crisis. I have been a scriptwriter, cameraman…
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Our team: Lesly

Hi there! Lesly here. I’m in charge of development and sound design here at Burning Sunset. My background I’ve been a musician since my teens, mostly guitar and singing. So I naturally embraced a musical education after I graduated high school. These led me to music production and stage performance.  I’ve always written music and…
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Our team: Francois

Hi everyone! My name is François, and I’m the main graphic designer / producer of Burning Sunset and I live in Vienne, France (near Lyon). My background I started as a cameraman in 2009 for a local TV and I mostly worked on short movies and music videos as cinematographer. My career has always been…
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2022-02-25 2

Welcome to the Burning Sunset’s Devlog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to this new devlog, where we’ll share our progresses and struggles for all our upcoming games!Feel free to ask us any questions here in the comments or in our Discord server The first posts will introduce ourselves, so stay tuned! You can check our merch in the meanwhile

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