Month: February 2022

Burning Sunset - Interactive storytelling and video games

Our team: Francois

Hi everyone! My name is François, and I’m the main graphic designer / producer of Burning Sunset and I live in Vienne, France (near Lyon). My background I started as a cameraman in 2009 for a local TV and I mostly worked on short movies and music videos as cinematographer. My career has always been…
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2022-02-25 2

Our second jam: pixel art and burning sunsets

After making our first game, we enjoyed the experience so much we decided to enter another game jam. Multiverse Justice Check the game for free on For our second jam we were a little bit more prepared, so we made this little demo in a week. It’s a platformer that allows you to switch…
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2022-02-18 0

Our first game jam

Burning Sunset was founded in 2020 by Lesly Grange and myself, François message. We’re two French entrepreneurs that weren’t working in the videogames industry at all before starting all of this. We had a common passion for videogames for a long time, we even had a Youtube Channel where we talked about indie games: Ja2b.…
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2022-02-11 0

Welcome to the Burning Sunset’s Devlog!

Hi everyone! Welcome to this new devlog, where we’ll share our progresses and struggles for all our upcoming games!Feel free to ask us any questions here in the comments or in our Discord server The first posts will introduce ourselves, so stay tuned! You can check our merch in the meanwhile

2022-02-04 0