Our first game jam

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Our first game jam

2022-02-11 Blog Devlog 0

Burning Sunset was founded in 2020 by Lesly Grange and myself, François message. We’re two French entrepreneurs that weren’t working in the videogames industry at all before starting all of this.

We had a common passion for videogames for a long time, we even had a Youtube Channel where we talked about indie games: Ja2b.

After losing our jobs during the 2020 pandemic, we decided to make indie games ourselves, just for fun at first. We participated in two game jams and made our first two games during this weird times.

I Wanna Build A Robot

Check the game on Steam

We learned Unity, Fmod and pixel art in 10 days to make this top-down action dungeon-crawler work. Spoiler : it didn’t work that well. After the jam we took a month to polish it. We add a couple of enemy and levels, achievements, and we sold it on Steam.

It is quite short, but it is also super cheap, so if you want to support us: purchase it on Steam. It’ll buy us a coffee. Or you can check our merch.