Our second jam: pixel art and burning sunsets

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Our second jam: pixel art and burning sunsets

2022-02-18 Blog Devlog 0

After making our first game, we enjoyed the experience so much we decided to enter another game jam.

Multiverse Justice

Check the game for free on itch.io

For our second jam we were a little bit more prepared, so we made this little demo in a week. It’s a platformer that allows you to switch between two worlds, light and dark. You can already see a recurring pattern that is starting here!

I am super proud of this little demo, not only because the pixel art I drew won the second place in “best graphics” awards of the jam, but also because it was much more polished than the first one, it almost looked like one of the “real” indie game we loved so much.

For this game, I learned how to make parallax animations, made two whole fonts from scratch (I definitely should share them someday), and drew several backgrounds including a burning sunset over the ocean that would eventually become our logo.

Feel free to check the game, and if you want to support us you can check our merch page.